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Gothenburg, Sweden

ICM Advice provided three young and talented entrepreneurs with IP advice regarding their new venture CompareRepair. CompareRepair is a simple online platform enabling users to compare different prices of mobile phone repairers in Sweden.

“We from CompareRepair are very grateful for your legal support! You have helped us resolve some issues and enlightened us regarding legal aspects of our business, and have given us the opportunity to focus on our business and web page instead of having to thoroughly examine law books. The entire communication has been very professional and we have felt secure in your work and the advice that you have given us. The meeting was very relaxed and the structure of the meting gave us the possibility to really present out case and at the same time ask questions regarding the information you presented us with. The overall impression is great; the communication has been direct and clear and has had a very professional feeling about it. We are very pleased and glad that you could help us with our concerns.”


If you need to laga iPhone (repair your iPhone in Swedish) don’t hesitate to check out their site!

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