ICM Advice is a non profit consulting organization primarily aiming to support scientists with strategic and practical advice in the field of intellectual property rights, commercialization of research results and business ideas. The main objective of the organization is to assist researchers and inventors while applying acquired knowledge and skills in Management, Economics, Law and Technology, gained from the School of Intellectual Capital Management (ICM).

ICM provides a master’s program focusing on knowledge based business with particular focus on intellectual property and entrepreneurship, giving the students tools for creating and developing new IP based businesses.

The consultants at ICM Advice have the advantage of being able to turn to the experienced staff at Center of Intellectual Property (CIP) to receive additional input who also represent the core education personal of the School of ICM.

Our Mission

Towards researchers and entrepreneurs

Our mission is to facilitate commercialization of research results by advising scientists in the Gothenburg region on business creation and intellectual property related issues. We will succeed through recognized networks, extensive knowledge and hard work.

Towards students

Our mission is to provide all ICM students with challenging real life cases related to their education. Through collaborations with scientists and researchers in Gothenburg, ICM Advice will promote networking and the creation of exciting learning and career opportunities.