Initial advice

When starting a knowledge-based venture there are a lot of things to keep in mind, which can be hard to focus on when all you want to do is to perfect your business model and take it to the market. ICM Advice helps inventors and entrepreneurs with basic coaching of what is needed for them to lead their projects to success. Advice includes:

  • Fundamental IP strategy
  • IP mapping
  • Recommendations on whom to talk to next

Introduction to secrecy

Secrecy is not just for secret agents or people who overestimate the value of their invention, as it is a crucial element for successful patent applications. Not only is it a crucial part of business discussions with external parties, secrecy can also be the catch-all protection for your ideas that covers what traditional IPRs do not, which is a concern of growing importance in innovation-driven industries.


ICM Advice is trained in assessing patentability criteria for a number of jurisdictions, with a specialization in Swedish and American law. It can save an inventor a lot of time and effort to check up on the patentability of their projects early on in the process, rather than at the end of it. ICM Advice offers pro bono initial patentability assessments of your project.

Intellectual Asset Assessment

Knowledge is key for competitive advantage, and IAA is a tool for dissecting general statements such as “we are good at manufacturing” to expose strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your operations. We identify and assess your operations, and offer an analysis of what value and control you have, and how you can leverage it for further growth.

IP Strategy

All your assets should be of value to you and contribute to your success. IP strategy strengthens your business by clarifying the use of available and possible future IP to achieve current business objectives. Having a defined IP strategy will increase the structure of making investment options, and shed light on what is otherwise considered “business gut feeling” decisions.

Branding Strategies

In a world where interconnectivity and transparency are becoming more and more important for businesses striving for success, while at the same time competition is hardening, having a well-developed brand strategy will help set your company apart and be the alternative that customers want to buy into, rather than buy from. With training and experience from media and marketing, ICM Advice offers tailored branding strategies for your venture.

Please note that the  ICM/ELS- program does not bear any responsibility for the quality of projects carried out by ICM Advice, which are conducted by the consultants at ICM Advice independently of their education.

IP Strategy

We help shape your innovation with strategic intellectual asset assessment.

Business Design

We enable value creation by developing innovative and sustainable business models

Brand Management

We can help you control your brand and create brand equity.